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Leading Manufacturer of Fuel Storage Equipment

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Bunded Fuel Tanks

Due to UK and European regulations on fuel storage, how you deal with hazardous liquid storage and oil storage is a very important consideration not to be taken lightly. Bunded Fuel tanks  (also known as Double Skinned Tanks) must be strong and sturdy and follow strict Bunded Fuel Tank Regulations . We manufacture Steel Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks for fuel storage for farmers, Building sites, boat yards and garages. Our steel Bunded tanks can be used as Waste Oil Storage tanks by garages to store oils and other lubricants that can cause dangerous contamination if spilt into the environment. Many Garages use our Bunded Tanks as Diesel storage tanks or Waste Oils storage tanks. some customers ask us to create custom built generator feed tanks for domestic purposes or commercial usage. We manufacture bunded petrol tanks to legally store petrol or diesel on their premises.

Building sites require fuel like petrol or diesel to be stored onsite for machinery and generator to use. Our heavy duty fuel storage tank can be equipped with fuel pumps to create you own Bunded refuelling station giving you vital fuel access at all times.

Double skinned Bunded storage tanks like Steel Generator Feed Tanks are also available made with the same high grade steel.  Plastic Bunded tanks are not as strong and tough as steel and cases have shown the plastic bunded tanks to fail on shipment and transport. Our Bespoke Steel bunded fuel storage tanks can be made small or large to fit the foot space you have. The fuel storage tanks can be painted to the colours you want them to be to make them more visible.

Our Double skinned steel tanks are made in the UK – Choose our steel bunded fuel storage tanks with confidence you are buying British. Take a look at our Bunded fuel tanks For sale.

Hand Built

Hand built using 1st Grade steel, meeting and exceeding UK specifications, requirements and legislations.

Strong and Safe

Dye pen tested throughout the manufacturing process and pressure tested @ 1.2 bar at the end of process to ensure standards met.

Unlimited Colors

Our bunded fuel tanks come in a standard colour blue but are available in a variety of colours, please call and enquire.

Delivered Anywhere*e

Bunded Tank Regulations are important if you need to store fuel or chemicals which can contaminate the ground or waterways. Firstly you need to know what bunded means? Basically it means a barrier wall is created to prevent the escape of liquid (be that diesel, petrol or oil etc). If you want to buy bunded fuel tanks then you must consider the placement of the double skinned storage tank and that it follows government guidelines. If the Bunded Tank is to remain at a fixed location then Static Bunded Tanks should be considered instead of a portable bunded tank.  The bund wall will be sturdy enough to move locations but a static tank will not require certain elements that a fuel storage tank that is on the move from one location to another requires. 
When creating a bespoke tank Fuel Safe UK ascertain if it is to be a Bunded oil tank, a Diesel Bowser, Generator Feed tank, a Waste oil storage tank or lubricant storage tank with dispenser or a fuelling station, no matter which one you require we can provide you with the perfect storage solution. All our liquid storage tanks have been fully tested to make sure that they can safely store oil, diesel, Adblue, waste oil, biofuel and kerosene. 
Our bunded storage tanks are are no plastic bunded tanks. We only use high quality high grade steel to make sure the primary containment vessel is as solid as the secondary containment wall. The seals are strong, durable and weather resistant.
You can buy a Static Tank from Fuel Safe UK  or alternatively ask about hiring a bunded tank.