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Why use bunded petrol tanks

Our range of fully bunded petrol tanks have been built in order to allow us to cater for your specific requirements. You can now store petrol on your premises legally and securely with our fire-protected above ground bunded petrol storage tanks.

Our standard petrol tank sizes range from 975 litres of petrol upto 5000 litres storage size, all bunded tanks have been designed to be gravity filled on your premises by a petrol tanker.

All of our petrol tanks are bunded and fire proof as well as UK manufactured, creating a safe & above ground petrol storage system for your business needs.The sole purpose of our range of tanks is to allow you to store a quantity of petroleum spirit on your site, which can be delivered by road tanker thus avoiding the hazards and time of collecting petrol in jerry cans from a nearby petrol station.

Tank specifications:

975 litre Bunded petrol tank

1500L x 1400W x 1150H - Total Weight: 600kg (approx)

1250 litre Bunded petrol tank

1800L x 1500W x 1150H - Total Weight: 700kg (approx)

1950 litre Bunded petrol tank

2800L x 1500W x 1150H - Total Weight: 850kg (approx)

2500 litre Bunded petrol tank

2900L x 1750W x 1150H - Total Weight: 925kg (approx)

3000 litre Bunded petrol tank

2900L x 1950W x 1150H - Total Weight: 1000kg (approx)

(FOR ALL BUNDED PETROL TANKS: Shipping height is 2012mm, which is height of unit to top of first part of fixed vent.)

Tank Accessories


All tanks are fitted with a plastic dipstick

Tank Lid Breather

The lid of tank has a plastic vent cap to allow breathing of the bund area

Tank Breather/Vent

The tank has a 4.5m vent pipe to act as a vent for the inner tank (this should be kept clear of obstruction at all times.

Anti Flash cap on Vent

The top of the vent pipe has an anti-flash cap - this is a spark resisitor and is a safety device which should be also be kept clear of obstruction at all times.


All tanks have a 4.5m high vent pipe sections. Tanks can be covered with a shed or put in a container under certain circumstances requiring security, but the vent pipe must always extend through the roof. If tanks are covered then nothing else must stored with them.

Larger tanks can be ordered, dependent on position onsite and tanker fill position.

All tanks are 5min fire protected and 30min thermal protected as standard (1 hour fire protection)

This can be increasesd to 1 hour fire and 1 hour thermal (2 hour fire protection) as a cost extra.

All our bunded tanks are fully compliant to UK Regulations


The control of pollution (oil storage) regulation of 2001 is applied within England,

This requires all industrial, commercial and civic tanks owners to provide a secondary containment facility to ensure that oil will not leak out and mix with water, examples of these containment facilities are bunded fuel tanks this regulation must be met if you store oil in a container greater than 200 litres above ground, or if 3500 litres of oil is stored at a domestic property.

Your Bunded Petrol Tanks and The Law

When it comes to the legalities surrounding the on-site storage of petrol, it can seem a bit of a daunting prospect trying to comply with all the various conditions required by the Petroleum Enforcement Officers and all the other legal and health and safety requirements.

Fortunately, Fuelsafe UK has a number of years of experience building and installing above ground petrol tanks and we are able to advise and guide all our customers from the licensing process to other issues such as siting, safety and operation.

A petroleum certificate may be required if you wish to store more than 20 litres of petroleum spirit. This can be obtained from your local area Petroleum Enforcement Officer who usually operates through the Local Authority Trading Standards Office or Fire Service.

Our petrol tanks have been designed in close consultation with Petroleum Enforcement Officers and meet all necessary legislation and safety requirements so a site visit may not always be necessary.

All bunded tanks should be sited a minimum of 2 metres from site boundaries, buildings, process areas, 3 metres from doors, plain glazed windows or other openings or means of escape and 4 meters from any fixed sources of ignition and electrical terminations not housed in an ATEX approved endpoint.

If require advice on the positioning of your tank, please feel free to contact us.

All containers must be clearly and correctly labelled so people are aware of their contents and hazards. All containers must be marked or labelled in a legible and indelible form with the words ‘PETROL’ and ‘HIGHLY FLAMMABLE’

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